Benefits of Specialist Profiling Care Beds Within a Home Environment

Not all users who are confined to their beds for large portions of the day necessarily need to be cared for within a hospital or nursing home. Sometimes the best place for them to be is in their own home. If this is the case, providing an electrical profiling bed for them could improve their quality of life. These can be easily adjusted, thus improving their positioning and providing additional support for the care provider.

Improved Positioning

One of the major problems for patients who spend the vast majority of their time in bed is the development of pressure ulcers. These can quickly occur if a person is left in the same position for too long, with guidelines stating that they should be turned every two to four hours. Pressure ulcers can be extremely painful and if left untreated can become considerably worse. They are one of the main causes of extended hospital stays and can even lead to death in the most serious instances. Electrically operated profiling beds make it much easier for patients to be moved, limiting the amount of pressure placed on one area of their body.

Better Circulation

Along with reducing the incidences of pressure ulcers, electrically powered profiling care beds can limit the problems associated with circulation. Frequent movement and repositioning will improve the circulation of blood around the body and increase respiratory functions.

Increased Safety Features

Elderly patients and those with limited mobility can easily fall out of bed without the use of safety rails. These falls could cause fractures or other injuries and complications, which could result in a further hospital stay. Profiling care beds have integral side rails to prevent these falls and they can also assist patients and caregivers when repositioning.

Interaction Benefits

It can be hard for users and those around them to communicate effectively if they are in bed the majority of the time. Being able to talk easily and freely with visitors can be an effective part of their rehabilitation process and help them feel part of the conversation. Electrically operated beds can be quickly and easily lifted and lowered, thus placing the user in a better position for interacting with other people.

Relieves Pressure

Caring for a family member at home can put a substantial amount of pressure on the care giver. Installing a mechanised bed can reduce some of this stress, particularly when moving the patient. The bed can efficiently move the patient into another position, limiting the risk of the care provider injuring themselves in the process.

Profiling beds within a home don’t have to make the space feel clinical and uninviting. Having home comforts around them and easy access to visitors can speed up the recovery process and reduce pressure on their family.

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