Jennifer’s Story: How Rota-Pro has changed my Life

Jennifer’s Story

“The Nexus Rota-Pro chair bed has changed my lifeIt has aided my recovery and I have slept through the night since using it, which I haven’t done for years. I would be quite happy if you used my name to promote this amazing solution.” 


The challenge:

Jennifer has suffered for some time from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. As a consequence her mobility has been impaired – until recently getting anywhere in the house, even using her walking frame, was incredibly uncomfortable and extremely slow.

She was unable to get her legs in and out of bed by herself, placing a strain upon her husband and putting them both at risk of discomfort and injury.

Jennifer’s health was deteriorating because she couldn’t sleep – it was proving impossible to position herself comfortably and as such she was getting no rest or recovery.

The solution:

Then Jennifer tried the Nexus Rota-Pro chair bed, bringing her the immediate benefits of a more comfortable, pressure-relieving mattress surface and the capability to adjust every aspect of her sleeping and sitting positions, significantly improving her comfort.

Three infinitely adjustable programmed positions (for lying down, rotating in/out and sitting in a chair position) also brought Jennifer a regained independence, allowing her to get herself in and out of bed unaided, for the first time in years.


- Within three days, Jennifer was sleeping through the night, offering much needed respite and recovery that hadn’t been possible for years;

- With this quality sleep came vast improvements to her health, as her body was at last able to recuperate and re-energise;

- Jennifer is once again able to get out of bed unaided whenever she likes, preserving valuable energy for both her and her husband, and restoring Jennifer’s much prized dignity and independence;

– With her mobility dramatically improved, Jennifer can move around her home so much more easily, making day to day tasks so much more manageable and meaning basic needs like going to the toilet are no longer an anxiety-inducing nightmare;

– And, with her autonomy intact, Jennifer can continue to function independently at home, preventing the need for costly care provision and reducing the strain on hospital services, now and into the future.

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