We begin another New Year with lots of exciting developments and events ahead of us here at Nexus, some of which are the result of many months – and in some cases years – of hard work and dedication.

However, one person who has been key to some of these developments will not be with us to see the fruits of our collective labours, as our colleague, friend and all round good guy Neil Trinder – our Special Projects Manager – retired at Christmas.

Neil was with Nexus from day one and has been crucial to the development of, and ultimately the success of the company, so we all offer our very best wishes to Neil for a happy and well earned retirement.

Replacing Neil is Adin Townsend. Adin brings a wealth of Nexus product knowledge and experience with him into the ‘Special Products Manager’ role, having been with us for a good few years now and having spent the last 12 months working closely alongside Neil.

We all wish Adin good luck in his new role and are confident that he will be successful in contributing to the continued development of the business.

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