Worth getting (into and) out of bed for: OTs (and TV doctors) meet Nexus at the OT Show

This year’s OT Show took place recently in a blur of vibrant activity and excitement, with all who attended enthusiastic and positive about the experience.

The innovative format – 2 days of extensive CPD education for Occupational Therapists, alongside a diverse mix of relevant healthcare products and services on show across the exhibition hall – proved popular with visitors and exhibitors alike.

And the Nexus stand itself was a big hit, the Rota-Pro® chair bed and the unique Standing Bed catching the eye of passers-by, with many keen to give one or both beds a try!

The Rota-Pro’s ability to help users into and out of bed unaided (whilst preserving their comfort and dignity) was instantly recognised as a stand-out benefit, and many were impressed at the bed’s combination of superior build quality (including a 28 stone Safe Working Load) and best-in-show price.

In fact, it was observed that in many cases, Rota-Pro® would actually pay for itself in 4 weeks, as the cost of purchase is offset against the significant savings made through the reduction in expensive daily care support.

The Standing Bed, too, was heralded by those in the know, who appreciated the significant savings offered in space, cost and time, as the need to transfer between a separate profiling bed and tilt-table is eliminated.

We had a lot of fun talking to those who visited our stand, and hope everyone benefited from the information and advice shared. We look forward to hearing from some of you soon, and to seeing you again next year at an event that is definitely worth getting out of bed for!

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